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Cryptomfund Company


  • Silver
  • $50 — $250
  • 1.00% Daily
  • 1 YEAR
  • Gold
  • $251 — $1000
  • 1.15% Daily
  • 1 YEAR
  • Diamond
  • $1001 — $3000
  • 1.25% Daily
  • 1 YEAR
  • Platinum
  • $3001 — $25,000
  • 1.35% Daily
  • 1 YEAR

How It Works

Cryptomfund is an online investment company with advanced market analytical systems used to analyze market trends in order to identify low-risk trading opportunities. Our company trading software have help us manage funds on behalf of our investors efficiently and profitably with an amazing track record.

We accept investors from all over the world to help them gain financial independence by tapping into our trading systems for stable daily income even during hard economic times. We made the process of investing to be easy, transparent, and secure and now you can invest as little as $50 dollars.


Stable R.O.I

Simple, Secure, Transparent

Getting Started

Why cryptomfund

Register online investment account with us.

Deposit investment amount in the account.

Get paid your daily profit.

Request a withdrawal or re-invest your profit.

Earn extra income by referring friends.

Get refund of the principle after one year or renew contract.

Reward Program

Referral Earning

Become an agent in your area and earn through our referral program by promoting our online investment program to people near you.

Earn a 5% commission on ever investment made by your referrals every month for 6 months from the date of investment. Receive the first commission immediately after the investor deposits the money with us.

Example: If you refer a client who invests $10,000 dollars we you will receive a $200 USD commission every month for the six months which will total up to a commission of $1200 USD.

Team Bonus

Earn an extra $100 USD for every $2500 USD business volume from your team up to the 5th referral generation. To qualify you must introduce 5 direct referrals with a minimum investment of $100 USD each.

Example: If your team introduces $2,500 USD business you qualify for a bonus payout of $100 USD.

Formula: Business Volume USD / $2,500 * $100 = Your Bonus commission

Our Features


We have integrated electronic payments to enable our platform capitalizes on new technologies of payment to makes it easy to move funds at low cost. This is the reason why we are able to process payments for our customers on a daily basis.

Auto Trading
All our trading processes are automated in order to capitalize on every market opportunity that arises. This is made possible by the live data feeds from various exchanges which is paramount in market trend analysis.
Yearly Contracts

All our online investment contracts last for a year from the date of investing after which the investor will get a full refund of the principle or simply renew the contract.

Secure Platform
We understand the security threat posed to our customers' by hackers and therefore our system was built with security in mind. We implemented multi-layer security and data encryption to secure our customers funds and data from any possible hacking.

Who we are

Cryptomfund is an online investment company ran by professionals in financial and data analytics with passion and a special interest in financial markets trading.

We have incorporated big data technologies and artificial intelligence to open a whole new world of almost limitless profitable making possibilities in various financial markets.

Our company main focus in more on high yielding asset classes such as forex trading, stocks trading, futures and other assets that have a potential of massive wealth creation.

Our end goal is to help people around the world to make a living and inspire our investors through our trading technologies by providing managed funds services.

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