How to make money with cryptomfund

To start making money with the cryptomfund company the following guidelines will help you to get started a lot more easily within a short time. The checklist outlines the steps you need to follow to start enjoying our money making program.

The topics listed below will be discussed in detail to provide as much information as possible. You can however seek further assistance through our customer support desk vvia email or telephone if you find it necessary.

  1. Joining Our Company
  2. Account Access
  3. Funding your account
  4. Buying/selling Bitcoins
  5. Funds Investing
  6. Withdrawing earned profit

Joining Our Company

To make money with our company you will require to open an investment account first which will hold your personal details and funds. To register go to the account opening page through the link Register account and type in the credentials as required, the process should take about 2 minutes only.

After registration, an email to validate the account will be sent to the email address provided. Please make sure the email address is real and accessible because you will have to retrieve a special code sent by our system to verify registration in order to complete the process.

After successful validation your account will be ready, go ahead and login via the login page using the same credentials ie email and password used while registering to access members' secure area.

Once in the members' secure area you will have access to features such as account dashboard, deposit and withdraw functions, investing, profiles, referral links, business contacts, profit, and commission earning reports among many other features.

Buying Bitcoins

The process of making money starts with buying bitcoins. There are several trusted online bitcoin wallet providers and some providers even allow customers to buy bitcoins with local currency and credit cards.

Some of the popular providers you can buy/exchange cash for bitcoins include,,,, However recommend using if you don't have a credit card because they provide a fast, safe, and easy way of buying and selling bitcoins from people near you without exorbitant fees.

Visit LocalBitcoins youtube channel to watch videos on how to open and operate their bitcoin wallet which includes buying and selling, sending, and receiving bitcoins.

Localbitcoins Guide

localbitcoins Playlist:

Funding Your Acount

After buying bitcoins its time to fund your cryptomfund account. First login to your Cryptomfund account and go to deposit page and enter the amount you wish to deposit and click the "GET ADDRESS" button.

The system will generate a bitcoin address for you. Copy the address and go to the bitcoin wallet containing the bitcoins you purchased, paste the address from your Cryptomfund account and type in the bitcoin amount in the wallet and proceed with sending bitcoins.

The amount will be credited in your Cryptomfund account in about 10 minutes.

Btc Address

How To Invest

After funding your account you will need to the invest the balance to start making money from the funds. To do that go to invest page and enter the amount and click the invest button to complete the process. This is a very simple process that will enable you to make money through our investment contract that will last for one year.

The system will confirm the investment contract you invested in and that marks the end of the investment process. You can then sit back and wait for your daily profit from us and withdraw it or reinvest.

How to Withdraw

Withdrawing funds from cryptomfund is very similar to depositing, the only difference is the direction to which the funds flows.

To withdraw the profit earned just login to your cryptomfund account and navigate to the withdrawal page and enter the amount you wish to withdraw and the bitcoin address copied from the bitcoin account where you want the money to be sent and finally click the "Withdraw" button.

Our finance department will submit the funds in less about two hours during business hours upon verifying the transaction.

make money giude

Traffic For Money

Traffic for money is a program by Cryptomfund company where webmasters can make money by referring customers to our company. Anyone can take part in this program and sell web traffic to us if you own a website, blog, Facebook page, WhatsApp group, or any other web platform where people can see your advert.

To start making money by selling traffic to us is very simple. You only need to signup as a member on our signup page and then log in to your account to get the referral link.

The link will look like where "xxxxxxx" is your unique identifier which tells the system that you referred the visitor and the point will be credited in your account instantly.

The value of the point can be worth as much as $0.05 USD depending on the region and time of the visit. This will be a way of making passive income using our web traffic for the money program.

The traffic points will be evaluated and converted to cash as soon as you acquire a 1000 points and an email notification sent to your email address. At that point you will access the money and withdraw it through the available methods.

To earn the points the visitor only needs to visit and view our website. However if the visitor signup and invest you make money in referral commission from our investment program which is equivalent to 5% of the money invested.